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e-caddy⛳️ is the #1 UK Dealer in golf trikes and scooters and is the most fun and exciting thing to happen to golf in recent years and definitely the coolest. These fabulous golf trikes have been designed to not only look good but also be a very stable, practical and easy to ride vehicle around a golf course. The front and rear suspension gives you a smooth ride even over the roughest ground and the wide tyres glide smoothly over the most pristine fairways without marking them.
Although as standard they come in traditional golf white the colour choice is up to you, so if you want the three large mudguards in ‘Golf Club’ colours with your logo no problem, if a member of a course wishes to purchase one and have it in his or her own company colours so that it is branded and advertising their company as they play, again no problem.

The golf attachment has been specially designed to reflect the trend now of the larger ‘Tour’ golf bags, so no matter what size the bag it fits on the e-caddy⛳️

There are many other special features too, such as a parking brake (they are waterproof, but we don’t want one running off into a lake as you’re putting out..!), and although the 1500w Lithium battery is removable they also come fitted with an alarm and immobiliser incase someone fancies taking it for a spin whilst you’re in the 19th…! and at every golf club the e-caddy⛳️ has made an appearance they do certainly turn heads. There is also front and rear lights and a braking light… it even has rear indicators to let the e-caddy⛳️ or buggy behind you know where you’re going.
With the powerful 1500w Lithium battery you also have quite a distance before you need to recharge it, there is a power monitor on the speedometer to let you know, but its range is 20 - 25 miles depending on terrain.

So whether you’re a golf club wanting to purchase these fabulous new golf trikes to rent to your members and guests (they appeal to both young and senior golfers and they’ll be booking them in advance) or you simply want to be the coolest player on the course with your company branded own e-caddy⛳️ please get in touch.

e-caddy⛳️ the name you can trust in the golfing industry.
PS, If you’re a greenskeeper or groundsman we also offer a fabulous e-caddy⛳️ to suit your needs too. 
Although we are based in the United Kingdom, we currently operate in several European Countries and the USA.
Don’t be fooled by cheap copies! There’s only one original e-caddy⛳️  so buy with confidence and buy the best, owned and loved by hundreds of owners. e-caddy⛳️ the brand and company you can trust.
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