Welcome to the e-caddy shop

FREE delivery within mainland UK

If you are in N Ireland or elsewhere in Europe  and wish for an e-caddy to be shipped to you, please email us on [email protected] telling us where you live and we can give you a  delivered price to your location.

NB: For people wishing to transport our e-caddy⛳️ trikes from golf course to golf course they do not fold down to fit into a car or SUV, a trailer or van is required for transportation. If needed please talk to us about our bespoke built e-caddy⛳️ trailer.
Don’t be fooled by cheap copies! There’s only one original e-caddy⛳️  so buy with confidence and buy the best, owned and loved by hundreds of owners. e-caddy⛳️ the brand and company you can trust.
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