Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: Has the e-caddy⛳️ been tried and tested on golf courses?

A: Yes extensively, over hilly and flat courses, and passed with flying colours.

Q: How easy is the e-caddy⛳️ to ride?

A: Very easy. Because it’s a trike there is no balance required and they are very stable. We do however recommend that the rider gets use to the throttle before taking it on the golf course unless they are familiar with motorcycles
or mopeds.

Q: Will it mark or damage the golf course?

A: No, because of the wide tyres there should be no damage to the course as long as they are responsibly ridden.

Q: Is the e-caddy⛳️ waterproof?

A: Every effort has been taken to ensure that they are waterproof, however we do not recommend jet washing them or riding into lakes

Q: What warranty does the e-caddy⛳️ have?

A: The e-caddy⛳️ comes with a  non-transferable 12 month parts and labour warranty, except for wilful damage, accident damage and misuse.

Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery?

A: The e-caddy⛳️ should take between 4-6 hours to fully recharge. 6 hours being from flat to fully charged.

Q: Is instruction available for my e-caddy⛳️?

A: Every e-caddy⛳️ delivered will have an instructor to guide you through the controls and demonstrate safe and easy riding.

Q: Can the e-caddy⛳️ be used on Public Highways?

A: YES! but please speak to us regarding the specific laws and regulations for your Country or State.

Q: Will my golf bag fit on an e-caddy⛳️?

A: Yes the attachment has been designed to house the smallest to the largest ‘Tour’ bag.

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