Our ‘Boutique’ is an incredibly flexible service   bringing together our range of fabulous electric golf trikes and scooters with your preferred colours and accessories. That's right, we can provide you our entire range of scooters, trikes and accessories only customised to suit your own requirements and colour taste. 

Want double bag holders? 
Want bespoke paint to match your company identity or brand? 
Want your favourite football, hockey, rugby team etc emblazoned on your trike or scooter?
Want to stand out on the 1st with a custom build? 

Talk to our e-caddy⛳️ ‘Imaginators’ to create your bespoke golf trike/scooter.

FREE delivery within mainland UK.


contact us for
more details

Don’t be fooled by cheap copies! There’s only one original e-caddy⛳️  so buy with confidence and buy the best, owned and loved by hundreds of owners. e-caddy⛳️ the brand and company you can trust.
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